Trailer Trash - Age of Tomorrow


Trailer Trash - Age of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt and is about to hit cinemas in the US.

Age of Tomorrow is something else.

It's the latest film from The Asylum - a company which specialises in milling out movies with similar sounding names to blockbusters. Their strategy is to have their version out on DVD at the same time as the bigger movie hits cinemas, guaranteeing them a least a little trade from people who pick it up by accident.

Age of Tomorrow is clearly made in the same vein, and here's the trailer.

I've got nothing but admiration for a company this blatant and Age of Tomorrow actually looks like it might be a bit of a laugh - if only because there seems to be at least three movies going on at once - from Armageddon to Independence Day. The SFX also look pretty good for an Asylum job and it doesn't hurt that DS9's Robert Picardo is there to bring some extra ham. And that's Kelly Hu - I wondered where she'd got to!
Age of Tomorrow looks like its hitting DVD on the 10th of June. Edge of Tomorrow is in cinemas now and is very good indeed.

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