Trainspotting 2 trailer is here!


Trainspotting 2 trailer is here!

After 20 years we had pretty much given up on ever seeing a sequel to Trainspotting, well its a real thing and the full trailer is here.

Be warned - there may be boobs...

Well that's certainly an energetic thing.

T2 (which is not at all about time travelling robots) takes its cues from Irvine Welsh's 2002 novel Porno which was a followup to his 1993 novel Trainspotting.

That book placed the action 10 years after the original but the reality of time means this is two decades later and honestly everyone is looking pretty great. It's actually pretty cool to see these lads using their actual real-life accents in a movie for a change.

Everyone is back, including director Danny Boyle, and he's bringing along some of the flourishes he's learned in the meantime. There's no chance this will be the cultural touchstone the original flick managed to be, but if its a jolly good time no one will mind too much.

In cinemas in January 2017.

Trainspotting 2 trailer is here! on
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