Transformers 5 Gets a New Trailer Full of Bayhem


Transformers 5 Gets a New Trailer Full of Bayhem

We are so glad to see that Transformers is coming back, there is such a rich tapestry of story left to delve into, so many questions left to answer.

Well our prayers have been answer with this new trailer choc full of utter Bayhem.

Mark Wahlberg reprises his role from the last film, this time him, and his long flowing locks, attempt to fight off the alien invaders again with the help of, would you believe it, the same team of soldiers as the last four.

This fifth installment sees the addition of Anthony Hopkins, hot off the back of Westworld, to the cast of the robot alien series.

It’s not exactly sure what is happening in this trailer but it’s probably something along the lines of, good guy robots and humans vs bad guy robots, what’s not to love.

Transformers: The Last Knight will be released on the 23rd of June 2017.

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