Truth Be Told Dracula Untold Looks Like A TV Pilot


Truth Be Told Dracula Untold Looks Like A TV Pilot
But it’s actually a movie film. Imagine my surprise!

Which may perhaps be more indicative of the current quality of premium TV than an outright slur against the quality on offer here. That said, Dracula Untold rests in that uncomfortable middle-ground where it looks great for television but a bit ropey for film…

I suppose I am pleased it’s a feature though: The story looked novel enough to occupy a solid two hours of narrative, but I wondered how it would reach ten. Similarly, while I worried Dracula Untold would splurge its budget on an impressive pilot and look shabby for the remaining series, at $100m, it could be nicely paced with a decent payoff. Also the cast is worth noting… Dominic Cooper can be good value for money, Charlie Cox is in the ascendancy and Charles Dance…. Well… He’s Charles Dance, isn’t he? What could be better? He’s been the out and out baddie in Game of Thrones for the past four years and consistently the best thing in it by some margin.

However, director Gary Shore hasn’t really done anything before. And jumping in at the $100m mark has staggered veterans and novices alike. Also, I’ve yet to be convinced by Luke Evans. I’ve tried to like him, really tried. But I just don’t. And I can even like Vin Diesel when I push myself.

Dracula Untold then looks like a fresh take on an old legend, with a veteran actor playing support and enough money to offer up some serious spectacle. Yes, I initially thought it was a tv show, but I’m very happy I’m wrong about that.

Pity about the lead though…

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