Ultron vs Iron Man in new clip from Avengers Age of Ultron


Ultron vs Iron Man in new clip from Avengers Age of Ultron

Avengers Age of Ultron arrives on the 23rd of April, which means we're right in the middle of one of the biggest marketing blitzes of all time.

Which is good in some ways but also makes it pretty hard to avoid any kind of spoilers and the latest clip from the film is a case in point. If you were planning on waiting until you see the full feature before you find out exactly how James Spadery Ultron is going to be, then you're pretty much going to want to avoid this video entirely.

For the rest of you, here's some bashing and some quipping.

It's definitely a Joss Whedon picture, even if that joke about explaining the plan has been used elsewhere, and arguably with more energy. From what we've seen so far it does seem like the quip quota is higher than in the last film which doesn't quite mesh with the fairly dark events which have been promised. I'm also a bit surprised by how organic Ultron is in the way he moves and the totally untreated use of James Spader's tones. He's got a great voice but there's something fairly cartoonish about the CG here, though that would be a slightly different take on the kind of robot enemies we've seen before.

Early reviews for Age of Ultron have been extremely positive and with Furious 7's big box office rush slowly falling off, its time to welcome in the next big film of the year.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is cinemas from the 23rd of April 2015.

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