Uncharted Film Loses Its Nathan Drake


Uncharted Film Loses Its Nathan Drake

Video game films are never easy, you will always have the true fans of the game feeling like they are missing something, plus video games are just not like the format of film. You become the character, you ignore the story for large parts of it while you desperately try to clear a level, it just isn’t the same.

No film has really done it perfectly, and it looks like the much anticipated film based on the Uncharted franchise of games will be no different as it appears its biggest star is no longer in talks to play Nathan Drake.

The film has supposedly been in development for the last five years all with Mark Wahlberg attached but now it seems that he is no longer attached.

This came out during the press tour for Patriots Day, Marky Marks new film.

So don't go holding your breath for an Uncharted film anytime soon.

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