Uncharted movie is set to have Monstrously Cool script


Uncharted movie is set to have Monstrously Cool script
The Uncharted game series has had a long road to the big screen, with an adaptation in the works since at least the time of the first game back in 2009. After eight years of waiting, the project is finally coming together.

The Grey and Narc writer Joe Carnahan is the latest to try his hand at a script and he posted a picture of the finished article to his Instagram.

His excitement just makes us more excited!

After Carnahan was confirmed as the latest scriptwriter, director Shawn Levy was brought on board to helm the action film. He's most recently worked on co-directing Stranger Things for Netflix and previous had a hand in the Night at the Muesum series.

Levy has kept quiet about who he is looking to play protagonist Nathan Drake but has admitted that Carnahan's script retains that "Nathan-blend of real guy, heroism, snarky, funny wit."

There is no release date currently for the Uncharted movie but Levy has said he would like filming to be completed by 2017.

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