Underworld Blood Wars trailer- yes Kate Beckinsale still looks great


Underworld Blood Wars trailer- yes Kate Beckinsale still looks great

Back in 2003 I would never have guessed that we'd still be watching Underworld movies a full 13 years after the first film debuted, and would have found it impossible to believe that star Kate Beckinsale would still be donning improbably tight clothing in the role of Selene. But here we are in space year 2016 and the fifth film in the series is almost upon us.

And that's perfectly OK. They're unfussy pictures which generally turn a profit and are entertaining enough as these things go, not to mention being one of the few vampire flicks that are still R-rated.

For Blood Wars, things are going to look a little like this.

Yep utterly silly stuff, but with this and the Resident Evil series Sony has kind of cornered the market on mid budget ridiculousness. Originally planned as a reboot with Theo James' character from Underworld 4 as the new lead, lady Beckinsale herself decided to return and it looking very fetching indeed.

Awakening was set in the near-ish future so presumably that is still the case? Regardless the story looks like a bit of a jumbled mess with warring furry and tooth-ed factions and the odd moment when Charles Dance might be playing a good guy. Tobias Menzies (late of Game of Thrones) is going to be a villain here, alongside Merlin fella Bradley James.

There's a new director too in the form of Anna Foerster, known for working with Roland Emmerich on camera and SFX for most of his pictures and also helming a bunch of TV including Outlander and Criminal Minds. We're expecting find things from this.

See it in cinemas in February, 2017.

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