Vacation remake red band trailer - definitely not the same Vacation...


Vacation remake red band trailer - definitely not the same Vacation...

In 1983 the Griswold family decided to spend more time together by driving from Chicago to Los Angeles to visit famed theme pack Walley World. Given that the dad was played by Chevy Chase and the flick was called National Lampoon's Vacation, things went about as well as you might expect.

Despite these horrors, the Griswold's went on several more family vacations, including to Vegas and the wilds of Europe, over the next couple of decades and now, over 30 years afte that first trip, the family is getting back together.

For a change, 2015's Vacation actually isn't a remake. It stars Ed Helms as the grown up Rusty Griswold (originally Anthony Michael Hall in 1983) who also wants to reconnect with his family - especially hsi two sons - and decides to drive once more to Walley World. He stops in for some advice from dad Clark (again played by Chevy Chase) before they hit the road.

The film is set for release this summer and a red band trailer has just been released. And it's looking pretty funny. Oh and not at all safe for work.

Helms makes a solid replacement for Chase here and the film seems to be having some fun with the idea of being a sequel after so many years. There's also a good mix of comedy types, and who doesn't like seeing a car get smashed by a truck.

Warner Bros has a lot of faith in this sequel, moving it from a late 2015 release window to prime summer-time in July.

Vacation is set for release on the 29th of July in the US and November 2015 in Ireland and the UK.

Vacation remake red band trailer - definitely not the same Vacation... on
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