Van Damme is making an Amazon TV show


Van Damme is making an Amazon TV show

Streaming video is where its at right now, with the likes of Netflix cornering the market with the best original content and the biggest stars. And rivals like Amazon aren't far behind - though they're producing less content with the likes of Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle and The Man in the High Castle they're arguably earning more acclaim.

Now they've got another marquee title to add to the list, Jean-Claude Van Johnson!

This new show will be an action-comedy series but one that also pokes fun at the real life of star Jean-Claude Van Damme - who only recently seemed to realise he had a knack for being funny. The set up is that the Van Damme we know is actually a cover - the real guy Van Johnson uses the action actor persona to get him into hard to reach places as a private contracter for hire. He's a mix of spy and sleuth, and this is supposed to help account for some of the terrible films he's made over the years.

That self aware slant sounds like it could be a lot of fun, especially with Van Damme himself in on the joke and there is said to be plenty of room for both comedy and action, according to Slashfilm who broke the news. And it features involvement from the likes of Ridley Scott and the team behind The Man in the High Castle while it will also directed by Peter Atencio, who is best known for his work with Key & Peele, including their upcoming first feature Keanu.

The only bad news about this project is that it's only set up as a pilot right now with no guarantee of a full series. It sounds like it should be a sure bet, and hopefully we'll get to see some footage before the end of 2016.

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