VIDE How Batman v Superman should have ended


VIDE How Batman v Superman should have ended

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice may have made a shedload of money around the world but its hard to deny that the final feature made sense, especially towards the end.

So it's time to rewrite that particular story with some How it Should Have Ended fun.

The team takes a little time to poke holes in a few of the more awkward elements of the blockbuster, including the fact that Superman is insanely powerful and could fix most of the issues that arise almost instantly. Also what was that Wayne employee doing standing around while the city was falling apart?

As for the ending, yes it would have been better not to fire a missile at someone who was clearly trying to help, and Batman really does kill a lot of people. Wonder Woman does kick ass when she shows up but also seems like an engine for checking out those videos of future superheroes.

Which is to say that BvS served its purpose of setting up the future of the DC universe, but it could have made a little more sense along the way.

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