VIDEO 2015s biggest films are better in LEGO


VIDEO 2015s biggest films are better in LEGO

LEGO has done an amazing job in recent years of making itself relevant again. Though years of work on the popular video game series and the launch of a major animated feature - not to mention some really cool fan ideas which have been made into actual sets. And in the meantime they're also just great to play with, and teams of folks on the web have taken to that with some really amazing stop motion animation.

The latest masterpiece nabs scenes from some of the biggest and most spectacular films from the last 12 months and painstakingly recreates them one tiny brick, and equally tiny movement, at a time. The result is one of the greatest LEGO movie mashups of all time, and you can witness it below.

Be warned - some sad scenes make it in too!

The work here is pretty amazing, aided by some of the impressive sets which LEGO released this year. It's nice that it's not just action, with some romantic stuff thrown in there (which all looks a bit assaulty in LEGO) and a focus on the sadder moments of the year as well, complete with some mild spoilers. Props for using the real audio as well.

And any reference to Kingsman is a good day indeed.

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