VIDEO 8 minutes of Batman v Superman goodies you missed


VIDEO 8 minutes of Batman v Superman goodies you missed

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is a huge film, with almost two and a half hours of gorgeous visuals, crazy characters and story hints for the future of the Justice League.

It's also chock full of references, cameos and easter eggs for those who are beady eyed enough to spot them, something which you might have to go back to the cinema multiple times for. Unless you're smart like us and find a video which compiles everything together in one simple place.

Here's a massive eight minutes of goodies you missed in the cinema.

That's very comprehensive, and also might make you feel smarter in retrospect when you kinda sorta thought that one bit was like the Frank Miller comic book you read once in college but don't really remember. Links to the comics are always welcome and I have to admit the more of these I see the more I start to think that Zack Snyder was really trying his best to make the ultimate DC comic book movie.

Whether he succeeded or not is entirely up to you but it's already a given that we're going to be seeing these characters on the big screen again, and in two Justice League movies planned for 2017 and 2019.

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