VIDEO 90s trailer for Captain America Civil War


VIDEO 90s trailer for Captain America Civil War

Captain America is already out on these shores, and has pushed over 260 million at the box office. Now it's set to explode into cinemas in the States, and predictions say it's going to be off the charts with over 200 million in a single weekend.

Naturally that means a lot of media attention for the film but as we've already seen and reviewed it, we're going to focus on something else for a change. Here's a fun video of what the film might have looked like in the 90s, with a rather more low key trailer.

The video takes its cues from 90s thrillers like Enemy of the State and retains the 4:3 aspect ratio and everpresent voiceover man. The video effect is subtle enough without being too annoying and this could definitely have appeared in those trailers ahead of a movie you rented 20 years ago.

And you have to love that Touchstone logo at the start! The editor of the video has confirmed that the first shot of the White House does in fact come from the 1990 Captain America film that I remember quite liking when I was a young person. Maybe it still looks good...

Or maybe not.

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