VIDEO Absolutely Fabulous the Movie trailer


VIDEO Absolutely Fabulous the Movie trailer

Absolutely Fabulous The Movie is totally a real thing, and we've got the trailer to prove it.

Woah there's some really bad effects work there to make it seem like Jon Hamm was actually in the same place as Joanna Lumley and Kate Moss. Could they really not make it happen? It looks like he's been passed in with glue.

Anyway, Jennifer Saunders and Lumley are back as the increasingly elder ladies of glamour and gall, this time on the run from the media after they maybe might have killed Kate Moss. We're going to go out on a limb here and assume they didn't, she'll most likely turn up at the end.

Other famous cameos include Emma Bunton, Jerry Hall, Lily Cole, Harry Styles, Kim Kardashian and you saw a glimpse of Rebel Wilson there. There are also plenty of returning players from the original TV series and those infrequent specials which tended to pop up around Christmastime.

Now Ab Fab only ran for three seasons up to 1995 so it remains to be seen just how much interest there still is after almost 20 years. We'll find out when it arrives in cinemas in July 2016.

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