VIDEO Age of Ultron deleted scene is hilarious without effects


VIDEO Age of Ultron deleted scene is hilarious without effects

Look, we all know that Avengers Age of Ultron was just ok and we're to have to live with that while we wait for Civil War to arrive and restore our faith in the Marvel-verse.

Before all that, it's just plain entertaining to get a glimpse at how these movies are put together with an unfinished deleted scene from the film. It really shows off just how much child-like playacting is really required to bring these kinds of movies to life.

Vision looks so silly, and Robert Downey jr seems to completely refuse to wear any kind of armour whenever it doesn't suit him. We wouldn't be surprised if he's actually not even on set, just skyping in some gestures and its all fixed afterwards by a really dedicated CG guy.

Anyway, this is also arguably a moment which should have been in the released version of the film. It's really strange how everyone goes from being concerned about what this creature is to be being cool with it in three seconds flat, and Thor does have a habit of bashing things and not even really asking questions later. Makes you wonder what other decent stuff was trimmed for Joss Whedon to get the film down to fighting weight.

Avengers Age of Ultron is on home video now. This deleted scene comes from the bonus disk in the massive Phase 2 box set which is only available from Amazon in the States. Boo, etc.

VIDEO Age of Ultron deleted scene is hilarious without effects on
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