VIDEO Amyityville the Awakening trailer - the house is back


VIDEO Amyityville the Awakening trailer - the house is back

The Amityville horror isn't done with audiences yet.

Based on a book and a supposed case of real-life haunting in the mid 70s, the original The Amityville Horror arrived in cinemas in 1979 and generally freaked the hell out of pretty much everyone, launching a franchise with 13 entries so far, although the last several have been direct to video Asylum releases. You may remember the 2005 effort featuring man of the moment Ryan Reynolds going all wacko and something about a pig.

Well the house is back, and there has been an awakening...

Right so, that's a pretty creepy trailer. Amityville: The Awakening has been around for awhile, with some script issues and shooting all but finished in 2014. It missed an original 2015 release date and moved to April 2016, prompting some reshoots. That all sounds like a bit of a nightmare but it's definitely coming out this time. Probably.

And the timing seems pretty canny - star Jennifer Jason Leigh is getting some well deserved attention for her performances in The Hateful Eight and Anomalisa and you may also recognise comatose kid Cameron Monaghan from his role in TV's Gotham.

See it in cinemas on April 1st 2016.

VIDEO Amyityville the Awakening trailer - the house is back on
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