VIDEO Another Batman v Superman trailer


VIDEO Another Batman v Superman trailer

It's just two months until Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice smashes into cinemas, and you can tell from the way the trailers, promos and posters are absolutely everywhere.

It makes perfect sense for Warner Bros to be turning on the saturation marketing - there isn't another film of this scale set to debut for months and Batman v Superman is also the beginning of a superhero onslaught which will snowball into their Justice League sequence.

The latest twist in the marketing campaign has been all about setting up the antagonism between Batman and Superman which sees them eventually going toe to toe. There's more on that in this latest trailer, mostly from the side of Ben Affleck's Bat.

Trivia - Wonder Woman flies Turkish Airlines.

Who would be sending Bruce Wayne a message like this? Doesn't that almost look like Joker's handiwork? And are we preying on the fact that Bruce let his parents die when he was a kid or is there something else going on here?

With the amount of material already out there in the wild, it's good to see there's still footage and plot points which haven't been covered. Let's hope they stay that way for a few more weeks.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is in cinemas on the 25th of March 2016.

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