VIDEO Bad Moms red band trailer - Mila Kunis is fed up


VIDEO Bad Moms red band trailer - Mila Kunis is fed up

For comedies that are aiming for an R-rating, red band trailers can be a really great way to get a feel for a film.

Behold - the extremely red band trailer for Bad Moms.

There's something to be said for a film which shows the terrible pressure that mothers are under in a world where your career still has to be balanced with constant caring and the first half of this trailer does capture some of that.

The second half careens off into a fairly standard story of older folks going off the rails, which we've seen with a male cast many times before. And this film comes from the original writers of the first (and best) Hangover film.

Still a female perspective is a bit of a change of pace, though couldn't it have been written or directed by an actual female? And that's quite the cast, with Bell in particular looking like she's enjoying getting the chance to be a little more foul mouthed than Anna.

Bad Moms is in cinemas in August 2016. Maybe we'll get a different title.

VIDEO Bad Moms red band trailer - Mila Kunis is fed up on
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