VIDEO Bad Neighbours 2 could have zombies!


VIDEO Bad Neighbours 2 could have zombies!

Ok so Bad Neighbours 2 is actually a bit of a riot - with some fun characters, gags that work and a focus on female subject matter which is pretty unusual for the genre.

We're totally down for a third film, and maybe it could look like this.

Given the continued popularity of zombies this seems like a perfectly good direction to go. The series is already totally ridiculous and it would stop things from going stale when the writers are looking for what's set to move in next door.

So it's a frat house of some sort except a horrible curse, or something scientific, makes it so that all manner of undead stuff breaks out. Rogen and Rose Byrne have to fight back, and re-engage with the likes of Efron and Chloe Grace Moretz to make it happen.

A bit Shaun of the Dead and a bit This is the End - we woulddefniitely be down for that.

Of course this is mostly just a promo for Fear the Walking Dead but why not run with it? Sure the next 21 Jump Street film is going to be a Men in Black movie. Somehow...

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