VIDEO Batman kill count in Dawn of Justice


VIDEO Batman kill count in Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice did ok at the box office and has its supporters but most people agree it was, at least, a bit of a mess.

Zack Snyder went back to create a new cut of the film which is even longer and, we're hearing, fixes some of the major issues but there's one that's just too glaring to get past - Batman kills a whole mess of folks.

Sure they had it coming and some superhero franchises, like Captain America, seem quite ok with offing bad guys. But not so The Dark Knight, who has typically been against the use of deadly force and firearms. Well Ben Affleck's Batman is perfectly fine with both.

If you've been wondering how many people pass away due to his actions in Dawn of Justice, then this video is for you.

Yes, none of these deaths actually happen on screen but there are few situations, particularly when it comes to explosions, where there's no way the people survive. In others, he lands a very heavy car on their face (dead), smashes their head against a brick wall (at least brain dead) and shoots them with multiple chain guns (a bloody mess of body goo).

Betfleck is supposed to be an older version of the character, fed up trying to stem the tide of violence in his city - so he's looking for a permanent solution. Certainly the apporach in Frank Miller's influential comic The Dark Knight Rises pulls no punches when it comes to doing away with enemies, but it's still strange to see so blatantly depicted on screen.

We're going to go ahead and assume that this kind of activity will be frowned upon by an upcoming Justice League...

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