VIDEO Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition looks pretty cool


VIDEO Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition looks pretty cool

Ok so I didn't like Batman v Superman much but I'm a sucker for new cuts of films because I have a ridiculous amount of faith in the ability of different editing to fix a broken product.

I'm also still somehow partial to the work of Zack Snyder, despite being burned to many times in recent years. His longer cut of Watchmen for example makes a dense dark film even more engaging, if also a bit ridiculously long. The directors cut of Sucker Punch however is just more of a really, really terrible thing.

Anyway the powers that be at Warner Bros have decided to let Snyder do his thing again with an alternative version of Batman v Superman. This will include plenty of material which was trimmed for pacing and running time and also some extra scenes of violence which push the rating to an R in the States.

That's a tried and tested marketing ploy which will likely just end up in a slightly more intense cut, with the studio not interested in working with the MPAA to get the lower rating. People will buy a Superman film purely because it says 'rated R' - and that's something Warner is just fine with.

We've got a trailer for the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition, and it looks like it might be good fun.

There's loads of new material here, with Jena Malone restored to the movie and extra lines from the marvellous Jeremy Irons as Alfred. And extra action scenes have been included, as well as a few moments which actually focus on some preposterous elements from early in the film.

Will it fix the overall issues with Batman v Superman? That's impossible to tell, but sometimes a longer film can help to fill in the awkward gaps. Of course Jesse Eisenberg will still be there doing his crazy thing, and presumably it's still a long advertisement for upcoming movies.

The new cut will be on home video in Ireland on the 29th of July, 2016 and it looks like you'll be able to pick up the theatrical cut separately. In the States, you get both in a single pack.

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