VIDEO Behind the scenes on Deadpool - meet Blind Al


VIDEO Behind the scenes on Deadpool - meet Blind Al

Deadpool was pretty much the most entertaining time we've had at the cinema all year, and we can't wait to see it again on home video.

The release is set for the 10th of June in Ireland but it's already out on Digital HD in some territories. To celebrate that, we're getting a glimpse at one of the extra features which will be on the disk.

This is all about Ryan Reynolds' roommate in the film, Blind Al.

This is just one part of the extras which will be on the main blu-ray disk, and it looks like a generous selection.

There will be deleted scenes, a gag reel, two audio commentaries - the director and Deadpool co-creator plus Reynolds and the writers as well as some behind the scenes video stuff.

We do know that an alternative cut of the film won't be offered at this time, with the extra material just on the disk instead. That doesn't mean a fancy extra edition won't be released in the future, as that's definitely something Fox has done in the past.

The only disappointing thing is that the disk is out on the 10th of May in the States and we have to wait another month for it to get across the pond. Considering the film released in Ireland a few days before it's American launch in cinemas, it's pretty annoying that we still have to suffer through these kinds of delays locally.

VIDEO Behind the scenes on Deadpool - meet Blind Al on
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