VIDEO Big Hero 6 Honest Trailer


VIDEO Big Hero 6 Honest Trailer

Pixar is still doing its thing to great effect but Disney has been really upping its game in recent years, with the resounding success of Frozen and the frolics of Wreck-It Ralph, and then there was Big Hero 6, which came out of nowhere to become a real heart warming hit.

It's a tale of caring and friendship and sometimes murderous robots, and we think it's rather great. That doesn't mean the film is immune to some Honest Trailer talk, so let's get to it.

Have to say, this is one of the softest Honest Trailers we've ever seen, probably because the film is pretty hard to dislike. And that's pretty much down to Baymax as the character everyone wants to hug, though it is still weird to think of Scott Adsit as the voice.

Sure the story was a little slight and that ending loses most of what made the film great before that, but at root it's a film that's about the love between two brothers, and how it manages to endure even after a terrible tragedy. And Disney manage to sell that in a really meaningful way through and incredibly cute robot. The house of mouse is back.

Disney Animation's next is Moana, which is set in the South Pacific and features the voice of Dwayne Johnson as some kind of demi god. Sounds great.

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