VIDEO Cell trailer - your phone is really bad for you


VIDEO Cell trailer - your phone is really bad for you

Cell is 2006 novel by Stephen King which is basically about a zombie apocalypse which spreads via mobile phones around the world.

The novel was quickly snapped up for a film adaptation with Hostel's Eli Roth originally attached 10 years ago, then progress became slow and he left a few years later to pursue other projects.

Must later, King himself said he was working on a new version of the script with a different ending and it wasn't until 2012 that John Cusack was finally cast in the lead role, alongside fellow King adaptation alum Samuel L Jackson - they both featured in 1408.

The film was shot in 2014 and shuffled around quite a bit between different studios, with little buzz. And now it's finally almost ready to release, coming to theatres and VOD in the States in July. All that points to a film which is a total disaster, but the trailer below is actually ok.

Sure it's scrappily put together with little sense of pacing or planning and it could be half the length but there's some potential here, especially when it all goes a bit emotional towards the end. There's also a bigger sense of scale than most zombie movies, and the cast is halfway interesting.

This is probably one to catch on Netflix on a Sunday night in about a years time.

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