VIDEO Collide is a Statham movie without Statham


VIDEO Collide is a Statham movie without Statham

The simplest way to describe new movie Collide is that it's a Jason Statham movie, except someone forgot to cast the British action powerhouse.

Just check out the trailer.

Where to begin? Well the most obvious place is that Nicholas Hoult is absolutely not-Statham, and this is a picture that is crying out for the basically bald geezer to fling himself around in cars.

Also, Hoult is only 26 now and passes for younger. At what point in this mere slip of life was he supposed to have run extensively with a gang of criminals, and then turn his life around quickly enough to have a normal relationship?

I can't resolve the presence of Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins here, who both seem to be playing baddies. Two massive stars is just distracting, and it's extra money you could have spent on Statham. Just saying.

Now some of the action does at least look halfway interesting, and if a lot of it consists of trucks crashing then at least that's a bit unique. It is directed by Evan Creevy though, the Brit behind the dullsome Welcome to the Punch.

Collide is out in July, 2016.

VIDEO Collide is a Statham movie without Statham on
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