VIDEO Deadpool TV spots - Blind Al and Money Shots


VIDEO Deadpool TV spots - Blind Al and Money Shots

Deadpool is just a couple of weeks away. We're excited, are you?

Well you should be because there's an honest to goodness, R-rated, standalone Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds which is going to be in cinemas and everything. And maybe it's going to be an absolute mess of a picture but it's also guaranteed to be entertaining, if only to see Reynolds working his ass off in the role.

For evidence, check out these two new TV spot, which also show off a character we haven't seen yet.

Beyond the rescue mission plot we still don't have a great idea of what Deadpool is about, and that's perfectly ok. The trailers have been so much focussed on the gags that even a lot of the set pieces haven't been heavily spoiled - there's that shootout on the freeway and some kind of warehouse situation which we're assuming comes towards the end of the film but otherwise it's all wide open. Which means plenty of unspoiled treats for everyone in cinemas.

Deadpool is out on the 10th of February 2016.

VIDEO Deadpool TV spots - Blind Al and Money Shots on
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