VIDEO First action packed clip from Captain America Civil War


VIDEO First action packed clip from Captain America Civil War

Captain America is out so soon we can almost taste it, and the early reviews which have been filtering out are suggesting this might be the best Marvel movie yet.

Which isn't that much of a surprise as the Cap flicks have always been pretty great. The First Avenger was when the whole connected universe really started to come together and the period elements and use of propoganda, as well as a whole load of charming performances, made it truly memorable. Then things stepped up a notch with The Winter Soldier which had the single biggest effect on the entire franchise ever, putting efforts like Age of Ultron to shame.

Now the big stuff is being left to a Cap movie yet again, as the superhero squads splits down the middle both for and against regulation of those with special powers. It's basically Captain America vs Iron Man, and this is going to get pretty emotional before the end. It's also set to be chock full of action, as you can tell from this first clip featuring Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie and Elizabeth Olsen.

That's just a glimpse of what's going to be on offer, with almost every hero yet seen (apart from Thor and Hulk) popping up in the film. We even get some new folks including Black Panther and the latest iteration of Spider-Man in the mix - that last fellow thanks to a new deal with Sony. Basically it's going to be great and you should all be maximally excited right now.

Captain America Civil War is in cinemas in Ireland on the 29th of April 2016.

VIDEO First action packed clip from Captain America Civil War on
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