VIDEO First look at Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk


VIDEO First look at Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan doesn't do small films but his latest is on another epic level.

Ok so it doesn't cross the length of time and space like Interstellar did but he is tackling the subject of Dunkirk and the first video has just been released.

There's not a lot here but even these few shots sell what Nolan is going for- a sense of foreboding, of lives lost and the sheer number of terrified men who were just desperate to get home.

In case you don't know, Dunkirk was a pitched battle to delay the Axis forces while a mass evacuation of Allied troops was held from beaches and seafronts in France. It was an extraordinary undertaking as the enemy closed in with nowhere to escape and it's going to be brought to life through IMAX and 65mm film, naturally as this is Nolan.

It's an interesting change for the filmmaker as it's his first film set in any kind of 'real' world since 2002s Insomnia and his first period film since The Prestige, or was that a fantasy? He's also got quite the cast on board, including previous collaborators Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy as well as Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance and Harry Styles. Yes the lad from One Direction is in this...

Dunkirk is in cinemas in July 2017. This one is going to be big.

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