VIDEO Funny Sisters making of mocks Star Wars


VIDEO Funny Sisters making of mocks Star Wars

There's a new comedy starring Amy Poehler and Tina Fey which is coming out quite soon - on December 18th in fact in the United States. Is there anything else significant about that date... Well it does happen to be the worldwide release for Star Wars The Force Awakens.

It's pretty insane to be scheduling anything against a movie that might just end up being the biggest film of all time, but something has to come out, and Sisters has a chance of hoovering up the people who just aren't interested in that galaxy far, far away. Or who have already seen it.

In honour of this shared release date, there's a new behind the scenes video for Sisters which is actually pretty hilarious. Check it out here.

If this feels familar that's because it's a perfectly pitched send up of the adulation filled Comic Con reel for The Force Awakens, which had everyone falling over eachother to reveal just how incredible it is to work on a Star Wars film. And that's probably true for those who are involved, as its set to be one of the biggest cultural events of the decade.

Here's the original video.

The Sisters video is gently mocking but also has a point to make - that you totally can go to see both of these movies. And maybe it will work out for them as people seek out something with a few less droids in it after they've already caught Star Wars three or four times.

Sisters is actually out in Ireland and the UK on the 12th of December, so it's even easier to give it a watch before The Force Awakens opens on the 17th.

VIDEO Funny Sisters making of mocks Star Wars on
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