VIDEO Get caught up with all the Star Wars so far


VIDEO Get caught up with all the Star Wars so far

Did you know there are still some people who haven't seen Star Wars? Folks who have wandered through life and somehow missed out on one of the largest fantasy franchises of all time?

There are still others with only a passing familiarity with the series, and yet more who might just not be able to remember exactly what happened to who and where. This video is for all of you poor souls - get caught up with the entire Star Wars saga to date in just six minutes. Which is pretty impressive:

They even manage to mention other upcoming entries like Rogue One and start with Episode IV, as it's supposed to be. And it all happens in six minutes, in one take, and you can mostly understand what they were saying, and there are also handy subtitles.

It's incredibly comprehensive, showing just how much you can do with a video and plenty of fun images. Of course it's no replacement for watching the actual movies and would probably make next to no sense to people who haven't seen any of the films. We can't wait to see the same treatment for the nine film saga some time in 2020.

Needless to say, this all took a few takes

VIDEO Get caught up with all the Star Wars so far on
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