VIDEO Gods of Egypt trailer looks like the worst thing ever


VIDEO Gods of Egypt trailer looks like the worst thing ever

I have a lot of time for filmmaker Alex Proyas. The Australian first came to prominence with The Crow in 1994, later delivering the sci-fi delights of Dark City. I'm even rather fond of I,Robot for its impressive effects and that motion capture performance by Alan Tudyk. He may has stumbled with Knowing but there's no doubt he's a talented fellow.

Here's his latest...



Even putting aside the utterly bizarre set up of making these Egyptian gods real (even the actual Egyptians weren't this literal) there's nothing about this which doesn't look like a mess. Check out those performances, the shoddy props and some of the worst CGI in a major movie in living memory. Who is this even for? Scholars who want their heads to explode? Kids who care about Horus and Set? They don't exist folks.

The film has been meandering towards production for years now, with Lionsgate somehow drumming up a massive $140 million budget. Where was that spent? Not on the cast - which includes box office dud Gerard Butler as the most recognisable person and a fellow from Game of Thrones. Those sets might have cost a fair bit, but it's hard to see them through the CG.

Effects do get better with time but the release date for this is a matter of months away in February 2016. The studios will likely want to be setting this up as some kind of franchise but I just can't see that happening, even if it ends up being a surprisingly fun time.

Gods of Egypt is in cinemas on the 26th of February 2016.

VIDEO Gods of Egypt trailer looks like the worst thing ever on
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