VIDEO Hilarious trailer for The Lego Batman Movie


VIDEO Hilarious trailer for The Lego Batman Movie

So we had absolutely no idea that there could be a good film with a title like 'The Lego Movie.' But boy were we wrong.

The animated flick from directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller became quite the hit when it arrived in cinemas in early 2014 - making moolah and also bringing happy grins to the faces of audiences and critics alike. There's a full sequel on the way, naturally, but before we get to grips with that there's a delicious spin off to enjoy in The Lego Batman Movie.

We'll get to spend some time with another version of The Dark Knight, after Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, with voice work by the pretty darn great Will Arnett. He's trying to figure out if this really dark character can ever be really, truly happy. And we're along for the ride. Here's the first hilarious teaser trailer.

It's a one man show for Arnett here, and we would happily watch 90 minutes of this character bumbling around. The full film will have a little more going on, as Bats meets up with Robin (Michael Cera) and Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson). There's also The Joker played by comic Zach Galifianakis - though we're willing to bet he's not particularly villainous this time around.

The Lego Batman movie is in cinemas in February 2017.

VIDEO Hilarious trailer for The Lego Batman Movie on
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