VIDEO How that epic Game of Thrones finale was made


VIDEO How that epic Game of Thrones finale was made

Game of Thrones season six ended last night, and it was probably the best finale the series has produced to date - full of the fairly normal horrific events but also ones which finally move the story along in interesting ways.


That's all good news for future episodes but right now the cast of players and massive crew, as well as HBO, can take a bit of a breather after their most expensive and expansive two hander ever. To get an idea of how much work goes into these shows, here's a look behind the scenes at episode 10. This is obviously chock full of spoilers.

The writers are fully correct in talking about the clean-ness of Arya's story, especially as other elements in the show have become so gnarled and twisted. She also has the best character development possible over the last six years.

Tyrion isn't far behind in terms of how he's changed over the seasons and we can't say enough about how the final shots are setting things up for the future - finally those armies are moving towards eachother in a serious way, and there be dragons.

We still have no idea how Varys got there so quickly though...

Expect more episodes in 2017.

VIDEO How that epic Game of Thrones finale was made on
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