VIDEO Independence Day Resurgence trailer is bananas


VIDEO Independence Day Resurgence trailer is bananas

My brain recoils at the fact that it has been 20 years since Independence Day arrived in cinemas amid a tidal wave of advertising and product placement and became the highest grossing movie of the year, earning almost as much as the next two movies combined.

Here's top 10 of the year worldwide from Box Office Mojo for a nostalgia trip.

There have been rumours of a return to the world of Independence Day for years, with Will Smith circling the project and director Roland Emmerich originally intending to shoot two movies back to back. Well Smith is out and it's just one movie and it looks totally insane!

Here's the new trailer for Resurgence.

The plot is 20 years later (hey, like in real life!) and the humans have rallied after the first invasion, using alien technology to advance forward in leaps and bounds. But nothing will prepare them for the return of the extraterrestrials and the all out war that follows.

It's all about scale here as you see entire cities being torn apart, and a little remark from returning Jeff Goldblum about how those pesky sorts always go after the landmarks. He's joined by a large cast including Bill Pullman, Liam Hemsworth, Brent Spiner, Maika Monroe, Jessie Usher, Judd Hirsch, Angelababy (yes a real name), Joey King, Vivica A Fox and William Fichtner.

See it in cinemas from the 23rd of June, 2016.

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