VIDEO Independence Day Resurgence TV Spot - She has arrived


VIDEO Independence Day Resurgence TV Spot - She has arrived

Independence Day is 20 years old this year, just let that sink in for a moment...

The 1996 film was a huge hit, with an exploding White House earning over $800 million worldwide. Now, a sequel is on the way, and it shouldn't be any surprise that it looks like it's going to be totally epic. Here's the latest TV spot.

A whole lot of familiar faces are on offer here, including Bill Pullman's former president, science sort Jeff Goldblum and the still crazy Brent Spiner. The film is also set 20 years after the original, with the world still rebuilding after that gigantic attack. But it seems the aliens managed to send out a signal and a much bigger fleet is descending on the Earth for total war. Happily, the humans have learned a few tricks in the intervening years, and they're set to fight back once more.

Returning director Roland Emmerich hasn't had a hit for a few years, with duds like White House Down and Anonymous, so he'll be looking to get back on top and has roped in fresh faces like Liam Hemsworth and Maika Monroe for some help. Originally planned as two films to be shot back to back this is just one extra big sequel now.

Independence Day Resurgence is in cinemas in June 2016.

VIDEO Independence Day Resurgence TV Spot - She has arrived on
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