VIDEO Marvel's Iron Fist trailer kicks ass


VIDEO Marvel's Iron Fist trailer kicks ass

Iron Fist is coming, and this new Marvel/Netflix show is looking all kinds of awesome.

Here's the first full trailer.

Honestly after the rather grounded Luke Cage (ok just relatively grounded) we're looking forward to a character with more obvious powers, even if right now that mostly looks like an oddly glowing fist. He's pretty strong too, but doesn't just rely on that and has also picked up some hefty martial arts skill.

There was a major Netflix/Marvel panel at New York Comic Con at the weekend with loads of great announcements including the presence of actors like Jessica Henwick, Tom Pelphrey, David Wenham and Jessica Stroup in the Iron Fist show but the best news was definitely confirmation that the rightly wonderful Rosario Dawson would also be in the cast. She's been a marvelous piece of connective tissue through all these shows so far, with her best material just recently in Luke Cage.

Iron Fist is coming in March, 2017.

VIDEO Marvel`s Iron Fist trailer kicks ass on
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