ViDEO Midnight Special trailer - looks like a Starman sequel


ViDEO Midnight Special trailer - looks like a Starman sequel

Remember Starman? John Carpenter's 1984 film was an oblique sci-fi featuring Jeff Bridges as a creature from another planet who connects with a woman played by Karen Allen and kicks off a road trip complete with strange powers, little white balls and a soaring, wonderful score by Jack Nitzsche.

Starman is one of Carpenter's most unique films, a sideways step from the fare he was most known for at the time and proof that he was capable of more subtle fare. It was also a bit of a box office disaster, especially in the wake of hits like E.T. and ensured Carpenter wouldn't have a chance to work in that space again. Well happily its legacy lives on in a new film called Midnight Special.

It's the latest picture from Jeff Nichols, the talented filmmaker behind Shotgun Stories and the very popular Mud from 2014. It takes more cues from the film in between those two, Take Shelter which added and out of this world element to a story about Michael Shannon going a little bit crazy.

The new film reunites Shannon and Nichols for a tale of an unusual young boy and another cross country road trip in the 80s. The first proper trailer is here, and it's looking like it should be something truly interesting and special.

There's a great cast in place and early reviews have been mostly positive, especially if you can keep from learning the films many mysteries before checking it out in cinemas. We'll be able to do just that in April 2016.

ViDEO Midnight Special trailer - looks like a Starman sequel on
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