VIDEO New Hardcore Henry trailer is insane!


VIDEO New Hardcore Henry trailer is insane!

Young Russian filmmaker Ilya Naishuller gained some attention with his first person short video in 2013 with a title we can't repeat and now he's got a full feature.

The film was originally called Hardcore and has been reborn as Hardcore Henry, mostly because that name was already in use. What started as a small project with Indiegogo backing grew in scale and ended up being bought at TIFF 2015 by STX Entertainment for an impressive $10 million. The company obviously thinks the project has big potential, and they're gearing up for a major worldwide release in April.

A Twitch stream yesterday introduced a wider audience to the film and also debuted the latest trailer, which is even nuttier than before.

Yep it's all first person (shot with a special head mounted GoPro rig) and plays out as though its in one shot - which seems to just be all action. Henry wants to get his wife back and there's an army of clones in the way. Luckily he's got some help from Sharlto Copely, and in cameo form from Tim Roth. This latest trailer looks bigger than ever before, with the filmmakers having a chance to tinker with things extensively ever since finishing the first cut in 2015.

The film is coming to cinemas in the US and UK in April 2016.

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