VIDEO New Suicide Squad trailer - meet the supervillain


VIDEO New Suicide Squad trailer - meet the supervillain

Suicide Squad couldn't come at a better time. With Batman v Superman delivering stoic spectacle, DC could do with something a little more light hearted, or at least from a totally different perspective. It's the story of a team made up of the worst supervillains in the DC 'Verse, who are brought out of imprisonment to take on a mission for the side of good. As the worst of the worst, no one is expecting them to survive, which is just how they like it.

Fury and End of Watch director David Ayer is on board for this one, and it's looking like he's conjured up a magical mix of action, over the top characters and some of the most unique visuals we've ever seen in a comic adaptation, especially next to the rather staid stuff in recent Marvel entries, Guardians of the Galaxy aside. There's also a major cast in the offing including Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto as Joker.

We get to see a little more of Leto's take on this supervillain in the new trailer, which also suggests a little more about the kind of role which Ben Affleck's Batman will be playing in the film. Did we also mention it looks absolutely crazy, in the best possible way...

There are reshoots currently taking place for the film which are said to be all about adding more humour and taking down the dark tone a little bit. That's a tough line to follow - gags in the midst of serious stuff can work really well, while an overuse of humour can change the tone completely. Let's hope Ayer is allowed to hold onto his vision for the film as the trailers released so far make it look like one of the most unique blockbusters in years.

Suicide Squad is due out in August 2016.

VIDEO New Suicide Squad trailer - meet the supervillain on
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