VIDEO Robert DeNiro is fed up with Zac Efron


VIDEO Robert DeNiro is fed up with Zac Efron

So somehow we're living in a world where movie legend Robert DeNiro is sharing the screen with Zac Efron in an R-rated comedy called Dirty Grandpa. Bobby D plays the young fella's grandfather who tricks the uptight kid into heading to spring break. Where the two tear it up, or something.

Anyway the pair worked together on the film and have reunited for interviews when Efron decided to ask DeNiro to record a birthday message. Here's how it went down.

Yea so it's a Funny or Die sketch but it's actually pretty good. DeNiro is playing up the idea of him as an old grouch, while he must have a good sense of humour considering the films he's been in, and both actors know how to sell a comedy scene. Plus we would be pretty stoked if we managed to get this particular video of Robert DeNiro.

The film itself is directed by Dan Mazer, a Brit who worked on Da Ali G Show and did a decent job behind the camera on I Give it a Year. Efron and DeNiro are joined by Aubrey Plaza, Julianne Hough and Dermot Mulroney and the script is from John Phillips, who is also penning Bad Santa 2.

Dirty Grandpa is in cinemas on the 25th of January 2016.

VIDEO Robert DeNiro is fed up with Zac Efron on
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