VIDEO Scott Pilgrim Honest Trailer - the Bob-Omb!


VIDEO Scott Pilgrim Honest Trailer - the Bob-Omb!

It has been almost six years since I shouted at everyone that Scott Pilgrim vs The World is the BEST THING EVER and you really should go see it, and nearly six years since the entire world basically ignored me and the film earned less than $50 million worldwide on a $60 million budget.

In an alternate universe Scott Pilgrim was a massive international success and we're hotly anticipating the third film in the series but it was not to be, and director Edgar Wright has only released the forgettable The World's End since, later becoming stuck in the problematic production of Ant-Man.

In case it's unclear, I think Scott Pilgrim is a sublime piece of over the top entertainment, and a must watch for those who have any passing interaction with the nicher sides of culture. So I present the Honest Trailer for the film, which is mostly quite nice about it. Mostly...

It's a bit unecessary to be negative about the film - it's already flopped at the box office and is just trying so hard to be entertaining. And yes some of these characters are pretty mean but that's sort of the point, why do movie folks have to be nice all the time?

Go watch it on DVD would you, and make sure you buy it legitimately so Edgar Wright knows that people still care.

-Daniel Anderson

VIDEO Scott Pilgrim Honest Trailer - the Bob-Omb! on
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