VIDEO See Daisy Ridley in training for Episode VIII


VIDEO See Daisy Ridley in training for Episode VIII

We still don't even know what Star Wars Episode VIII is going to be called but the film is already shooting and will be returning to Ireland for some scenes in the near future.

Much of the cast returns for the new film, including standout star Daisy Ridley as Rey. She's set to be a major part of this trilogy, especially after the events at the end of The Force Awakens, and that will mean even more action in the sequel.

To that end, she's keeping up the training while filming - check out her cool moves below.

She mentions Traitor in the comment and that refers to Liang Yang, a stuntman who famously played the part of the stormtrooper who calls out John Boyega's Finn as a 'Traitor.' He's been the source of many internet memes and has also worked on stunts for X-Men First Class, Skyfall, Edge of Tomorrow, The Martian and The Force Awakens.

It seems he's definitely back for Episode VIII and he's working directly with Ridley in some way. Will they have a fight as he plays a new character or is FN-2199 AKA TR-8R set to return for another showdown?

All will be revealed much, much later as Episode VIII won't be in cinemas until December 2017.

VIDEO See Daisy Ridley in training for Episode VIII on
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