VIDEO Star Trek Beyond Scotty clip


VIDEO Star Trek Beyond Scotty clip

Star Trek Beyond is heading to cinemas on the 22nd of July in Ireland and it's looking like an action packed romp for the returning crew, with an extra hint of sadness at the tragic passing of Anton Yelchin.

The plot sees the Starship Enterprise out on its five year mission before the craft is attacked by a mysterious enemy and forced to crash land on an alien planet. That's a pretty different set up for these new films to date, and it should make for a thrilling new entry.

A new clip from the film has surfaced, with co-writer Simon Pegg popping up as Scotty and making a new friend, or at least an ally.

It's pretty much impossible to tell under that makeup but Jaylah there is played by Algerian actress Sofia Boutella who you definitely remember as the blade legg-ed baddie in Kingsman. She's a little friendlier here, and might even get some help from Scotty.

This is an utterly familiar scene of an alien making first contact and even ends with a quirkily inaccurate name at the end which will no doubt be brought up a few times in the rest of the film. Scotty has always been a source of comic relief and that's bound to continue in Beyond, but with Pegg himself penning the script maybe he'll get a hero moment too.

Idris Elba also joins the cast as the big bad Krall (who is mentioned in the clip) and the rest of the folks are back in the uniform for director Justin Lin, who took a break from the Fast and Furious franchise for this flick.

Star Trek Beyond is in cinemas on the 22nd of July, 2016.

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