VIDEO Star Wars the Force Awakens in 60 seconds!


VIDEO Star Wars the Force Awakens in 60 seconds!

I rewatched The Force Awakens over the weekend and it's still a very entertaining picture, partly thanks to the new focus on comedy which has rarely been an (intentional) part of the series to date. At over two hours long it's still a bit of a slog so there's the whole thing done in 60 seconds.

(there's some bad language if you're listening very carefully)

All the major points are here and showing it off at this speed does make it clear how much of the film is just Finn running around without a clue and people getting into various spacecraft. That's probably an accurate description of most heroes journeys but it's still not the most elegantly constructed stories. Check out the animated cameo of Skellig Michael in Ireland at the end while we wait for almost two years to see if Luke Skywalker is ever actually going to say something.

Episode VII is due for release in December 2017.

-Daniel Anderson

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