VIDEO The BFG speaks - clip from the new film


VIDEO The BFG speaks - clip from the new film

Roald Dahl's The BFG is getting a big screen live action adapatation from none other than director Steven Spielberg, and it looks utterly charming.

Here's a clip from the film which shows off the giant-speak, and it feels very authentic to the book.

That's the great actor Mark Rylance who has worked on some amazing performance capture for the film, collaborating with Spielberg again after his Oscar winning turn in Bridge of Spies. And he really sells Dahl's twisty and lovely language, not to mention looking pretty incredible.

The BGF had a relatively low box office opening in the US this past weekend, and will be looking to notch up some serious numbers internationally to stand a chance of becoming a hit. That said, reviews and word of mouth have been positive so it may well have legs.

See it in Irish cinemas on the 22nd of July, 2016.

VIDEO The BFG speaks - clip from the new film on
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