VIDEO The Conjuring 2 trailer is intense


VIDEO The Conjuring 2 trailer is intense

After delving into blockbuster filmaking with Furious 7, James Wan is going back to his roots with a new horror effort in The Conjuring 2.

It's the sequel to the highly successful original, which was one of the biggest horror films at the box office in years. This time around Ed and Lorraine Warren (again played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) are taking their particular set of skills to England to investigate the Enfleld Haunting. It's a famous case of spooky goings on and it looks like its going to get even creepier on the big screen.

Check out the first trailer for The Conjuring 2 here. Or don't, if you're easily scared.

It's a great trailer, even if that dude at the end can clearly be seen lurking in the shadows. Wan knows his way around a scare or two, and we thought The Conjuring was a great call back to an earlier era in the genre, when it wasn't just all about loud noises. He has the advantage of a great cast as well, with the returning stars lending credence to the real life husband and wife team of the Warrens. Franka Potente and Frances O'Connor join the cast, as well as Irish folks Maria Doyle Kennedy and Simon Delaney.

The Conjuring 2 is in cinemas in June 2016.

VIDEO The Conjuring 2 trailer is intense on
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