VIDEO The debate behind Captain America Civil War


VIDEO The debate behind Captain America Civil War

Captain America Civil War is out in these here parts in just a few short days and it's going to be pretty epic.

The film all hinges on a fight between the superheroes we've come to know and love over the issue of registration. In the wake of the massive destruction of two Avengers movies, the government is trying to put in place measures to track and control super powered people. Iron Man is in favour of this, Captain America not so much.

That's all going to set up some seriously emotional content for the film, as well as some repercussions for these characters and the wider Marvel universe. And you can get an idea of the story behind it in this viral video.

Christine Everhart is played here by Leslie Bibb again after appearances in Iron Man and Iron Man 2 and she's joined by real life The Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal who is appearing as a character called Will Adams. It's pretty clear that they're on opposite sides of the divide and we would be interested to hear more of their argument - hopefully these videos will continue up to the American release.

Happily by then folks in Ireland will have already seen the film, as it releases on this side of the pond on the 29th of April, 2016.

VIDEO The debate behind Captain America Civil War on
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