VIDEO The Force Awakens with Simon Pegg


VIDEO The Force Awakens with Simon Pegg

Star Wars The Force Awakens is a huge movie with many characters both new and old, but JJ Abrams still somehow managed to find space for collaborator Simon Pegg.

The British man, beloved of nerds everywhere, was confirmed to have a cameo in The Force Awakens and today we've got a look at his full costume:

Ok so most of the video was about Daisy Ridley's Rey, but around 0.30 there's a glimpse of what Pegg will look like when he's fully suited up, or at least we're pretty sure that's how he's going to appear on screen. Director JJ Abrams is chatting to him and Ridley is laughing, and the torso matches the one we saw in a previous video whcih was released during Comic-Con earlier in the year.

Check it out here, at around 2.00.

It's no surprise that Pegg managed to get into the film, given that he's such a fan of the universe and has already worked with Abrams on Star Trek. It's kind of a shame that they couldn't have just left it as a suprise until after release, but its looking like spoilers are going to be pretty hard to avoid from now on.

Star Wars The Force Awakens is in cinemas from the 17th of December 2015.

VIDEO The Force Awakens with Simon Pegg on
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