VIDEO The Jungle Book full trailer


VIDEO The Jungle Book full trailer

The Jungle Book is back in 2016, with a mostly CG film that's being directed by Jon Favreau and bringing together an amazing voice cast including Bill Murray, Christopher Walken, Idris Elba, Ben Kingsley and Scarlett Johansson.

The film is a new take on Rudyard Kipling's classic story of a boy called Mowgli who is raised by animals and has to find his way back to the human world, but not before learning about the bear necessities... The original story is definitely the inspiration here, but it's not above taking some cues from the animated Disney version, which arrived on screens in 1967. That's almost 50 years ago, with the book debuting more than 70 years before that in 1894.

Check out the first full trailer for The Jungle Book.

Firstly we want to say that almost everything on display is totally CG - including not only the talking animals but also the locations, the foliage, everything. Only the little boy is real and even so he's likely to be all digital from time to time. Disney has been working hard on its photoreal CG and the work here is amazing.

Also while Bill Murray naturally makes a great Baloo, we're all about Christopher Walken as some kind of gangster ape. It's perfect casting.

The Jungle Book is out in April 2016.

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